Tuesday April 16, 2019

ImagineIt Kitchener


ImagineIt Kitchener is a series of event programming designed to connect people through words, pictures and stories. Working with the Kitchener Public Library as a strategic partner and advisor, the event series will focus on fun and interesting ways to connect the community through engaging events that celebrate reading, writing and literacy. Events will also provide greater professional development opportunities for aspiring writers looking for advice from industry leaders.

Kitchener Events will work with the Kitchener Public Library as a strategic partner in developing a range of events that move beyond downtown Kitchener to engage citizens in literacy activities throughout the city. Goals of the expanded series are to increase participation in literacy events, make books more accessible, engage citizens in neighborhoods throughout the city, improve community connections, increase literacy rates and connect industry professionals.


Writers’ Craft Workshops: Click here

Song writing Workshop:  Click here   

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